Are We Free?

In Contemplation of Freedom

Art Exhibit

A collective examination of what it means to be free using sound, photography, performance art, visual art, text, film, debate, and sculpture.

July 11th - August 31st, 2019

Black Lady Theater & Repair the World


Since creativity thrives within boundaries, this show will be a visual, textual, and sculptural testament to our collective creative ability. Together, we’ll navigate the societal and spiritual constraints of Blackness.

Is freedom something that is gifted or taken? Does freedom truly exist in this material world and if so where do we find it? Or is it a feeling and experience we discover?

Through our respective mediums, using sculpture, sound, text, and illustration, we’ll navigate and tell the stories of the various obstacles that are ever present in our unique experience as Black individuals and artists. Our black bodies do not endanger us, they instead enable practice, exploration, and curiosity. The freedom that exists for us now is through our art and imagination. Through organizing this show, we aim to connect individual creation with the validation and strength that is afforded by community.


The exhibit features emerging artists over 21 years old, many of whom are nontraditional students coming to art with life and work experience explored in our work. Our aim to make collaborative art within our communities and for our communities. We have also invited more established artists to share their work in a setting that is accessible to communities that don’t often get to experience art for them and by them.


Every two weeks or so, we’ll activate the spaces and artwork through music, hands-on workshops, performance art pieces, debates/discussions and film screenings.Through this approach, art will no longer be a static representation of form to be passively consumed, but will act as a catalyst for the sharing of ideas and concepts.


july 11

A Community Sip & Draw

6 PM - Cocktail Hour & Networking

7 PM - Performance Art

8 PM to 10 PM - Sip & Draw


808 Nostrand Avenue
Between St. Johns Place and Lincoln Place, Crown Heights, Brooklyn 11216