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introducing Vanguard

\van - gärd\   noun, podcast, journal

1. a group of people  leading the way in new developments or ideas.
2. the multimedia journal from growhouse nyc

avant-garde, new wave, cutting-edge, ted kamal, kat hernandez, dari jackson, amee apedo, shaq sunflower,  jaz sampson, bilal ndongo, steve dollas

Vanguard Podcast Season 1

8 Episodes   8 Interviews

from left to right, starting at the top

1. Ted Kamal - DJ, music producer, sound artist    

2. Kat Hernandez - writer, designer, food educator    

3. Dari Jackson -  photographer, media artist, music producer  

4. Amee Apedo -  filmmaker, actor, storyteller

5. Shaq Sunflower - lyricist, music producer, talent manager  

6. Jaz Sampson - writer, storyteller, radio personality

7. Bilal Ndongo - writer, storyteller, filmmaker  

8. Steve Dollas - author, storyteller


Vanguard Journal